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Land Your Dream Career Coaching Package

Do you ever feel stuck in your current job? Like you can’t ever leave because you need to be there to pay the bills for a mortgage on a home you don’t see much of anyway.  
Are you working a ridiculous amount of hours in a job that no longer fulfils you and you just feel tired and miserable all the time? 
Do you dread waking up in the morning to the sound of your alarm clock, with a sinking feeling, knowing what the workday ahead has in store for you? 
Or are you currently unemployed after being made redundant or perhaps you’ve been a stay-at-home Mum and are returning to the workforce and you have no idea where to start? 
What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way and that there is a dream role out there for everyone?

A role where you get to work the exact hours YOU want to work pays you the type of money that you want to earn and will help support the lifestyle that you want to live and not just any lifestyle, your DREAM lifestyle. 
You see the thing is, most of us never really stop to map out our own unique plan or create the vision of what we actually want our lives to look like because we have been conditioned to believe that once we have a job, even if it’s just a decent job that we should stay there, no matter how much we feel the pull of disconnect knowing that there is so much more for us out there.  
I’ll share some statistics with you that a global poll was done where 85% of individuals were unhappy at work, can you believe it, 85% and the chances are if you are reading this, then you are one of them.  
All it really takes is some tweaks, a sense of belief and knowing with a little bit of guidance and you absolutely could be in the career of your dreams in no time at all! 

So I want to ask you 

What would it mean to you to wake up every morning eager and excited to start your day?  
What would it feel like to have more time at home, spending precious time with your children, partner, family, and friends, and being able to be in the present moment with them? 
What would it mean to you, to earn the type of money that supports your dream lifestyle? 
What would it mean to you, to feel fulfilled in your career and love the people you work with? 
Some of you might not be Eminem fans and you might be questioning why I am bringing him in as a reference here, but at the 2020 Oscars he made an unexpected return with his widely popular song Lose Yourself and we couldn’t help thinking how meaningful some of the lyrics are in terms of life, career and the path we choose to pave for ourselves: 

Just to give you a snapshot: 

Look if you had one shot or one opportunity 
To seize everything you ever wanted 
In one moment 
Would you capture it? 
Or just let it slip? 

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance 
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime 

So why are you waiting when you can simply start by taking the steps to your dream career today?! The sooner you start, the sooner you arrive at your destination. 

So let’s get down to business with our Land Your Dream Career Coaching Package (AKA the All-Star Package):

This is for those who are ready to dive deep and make a true and lasting change to the career of your dreams! 

Package inclusion options: 

  • Let me write your resume and cover letter
  • Let me write your LinkedIn profile
  • 5x Coaching Sessions – Initial session 1.5 hours and then 4 x hourly sessions via zoom
  • Inclusions of the sessions are based on individual needs however as a general guide we will cover: Mapping out a clearly defined plan for the job of your dreams, Mindset, Money Mindset, Knowing your worth, Clarity and Questioning beliefs, Job-ready training, and Interview coaching

  • In between session support via email or text message

Bonuses : 

  • Step by Step Job Ready Guide
  • Job Ready Checklist
  • Access to LinkedIn for Job Seekers workshop
  • Access to job-ready mini-series
  • Top 10 tips and tricks for using LinkedIn

Sessions run either weekly or fortnightly depending on individual needs and resume and LinkedIn are usually completed around the 2nd or 3rd session once clarity and plan have been defined. 
You will receive a guided plan and will be required to do self-work and exercises between each session! 

Custom career coaching packages start at $5997 Inc. GST  

We are so excited to work with you and cannot wait for you to land the career of your dreams! 


If this sounds like what you need, please contact [email protected] to set up a discovery call for your custom package.