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How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

You have made an excellent resume, which got selected by the recruiter and finally, the interview call has come. But it’s not over yet. You need to prepare to ace the job interview. The more you prepare, the more confident you become. Your confidence and conviction are factors that recruiters consider while scanning applicants. Such strict scanning process can often intimidate candidates. But there’s actually nothing much to worry.

If you are having a nail-biting anxiety thinking about your job interview, then you should check out these four tips below:

Know yourself along with your resume

“Tell me about yourself that’s not on your resume”, a question that can freeze candidates at job interviews. Your resume should include what you have achieved in your academic and professional life. But who are you as a person? Recruiters look for an answer that gives a glimpse of your true personality along with your aptness for the role.

Dress well

Whether you are applying for a role as an executive in a large corporation or a creative professional in an advertising agency, always dress well. Put on a neatly pressed shirt and a pair of formal trousers/skirt in order to look presentable at the interview. Formals are a neutral interview attire, suitable for almost all types of organizations.

Go organized

Put a printed copy of your resume, university certificates, and employment letters in a folder while going for an interview. If you are applying for a role in the creative industry, make sure you keep your portfolio handy. Staying organized gives a good impression to the recruiter. Also, take care of your body language because it greatly determines your chances of being recruited.

Visualize the interview

All successful people use visualization as a tool to achieve their life goals. You can also follow their technique. Have the right attitude towards your career and keep visualizing yourself exuding confidence at the interview. Your brain is tricked to think it is real, and thus manifesting it in reality.

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