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Creating First Impressions – How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in the Crowd?

You won’t be able to land your dream job without giving a good impression of yourself to your recruiters. Before a recruiter calls you for an interview, the first thing they see is your resume. If you are struggling to craft a convincing resume, you can take the help of a professional resume writer. They do exactly what a job applicant should be doing, but in a better way. Here’s how you can make your resume stand out.

Write a strong summary

You should start your resume with a succinct paragraph describing your skills and accomplishments. You should also state your objective- what you want to achieve through the role you have applied for. This will grab the attention of the recruiters and generate an interest in your resume.

Focus on results achieved

Instead of bragging about what your previous role required you to do, focus on highlighting your achievements throughout your resume. Provide quantifiable data that justify each statement you have made on your resume. For example, instead of writing “I assisted in increasing the website traffic of Company X by 40%”, say “I increased website traffic of Company X by 40%”.

Tweak according to the role

You need to focus on highlighting skills that are required for the job you have applied for. Understand the role properly before sending out the application. Customize your resume in order to highlight the skills mentioned in the job description. This makes you look relevant to the recruiter.

Use strong words

The vocabulary you use to describe your achievements makes a huge difference. Use powerful words like “strategized”, “demonstrated”, “innovative”, “self-motivated”, and so on to describe yourself and your achievements. This creates an impact on the recruiter.

Be genuine

Last but not the least, avoid giving information you feel you can’t justify with data. Give actual information on your resume so that your genuineness shines out at the interview.

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